Celoxica announce the release of their full FPGA Risk/DMA platform for European Equities

Celoxica announce the release of their full FPGA Risk/DMA platform for European Equities

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Following the success of the FIX based In-line DMA / Risk platform for Brokers, ‘FIX MAG’, the full FPGA version reduces latency further in a fully compliant operational environment.
London, 22nd March 2018: Celoxica, a leading provider of ultra low latency market data and order entry solutions for trading firms and Brokers, announced today the availability of their full FPGA Direct Market Access and In-line Risk platform ‘N2N MAG’ for Native to Native protocol trade execution on European Equities markets.
The current Celoxica FIX MAG solution is already in operation at several Brokers who require optimized order execution with In-line Risk controls for their Quant clients and internal order flow, and where deterministic performance through all market conditions is of paramount importance. The common operational environment includes a GUI interface, FIX drop copy feed, and monitoring tools allowing Brokers to efficiently manage order flow, integrate with downstream systems and deliver an optimized path to execution.
The N2N MAG solution is also MiFD II compliant, ensuring Celoxica’s clients can benefit from a robust, conformant platform, which can be easily integrated into specific back and middle office systems, reducing time to market and the costs of maintenance and support. Order flow is consumed via the native exchange format, Risk Checks are applied in-line in nanoseconds, and then valid orders are sent via the exchange’s native gateway protocol for execution.

Lee Staines, Global Head of Sales at Celoxica added:

“Our FIX based MAG product has, for several years, been an established solution for Brokers requiring compliant in line Risk management for European and US Equities and Derivatives. With our new FPGA based offering, N2N MAG, we are able to offer even lower latency execution to meet a broad portfolio of demanding quant based strategies, through a common, easy to use GUI, and all at a substantially reduced price point when compared to other hardware accelerated solutions”.

About Celoxica

Celoxica is a leading provider of hardware accelerated low-footprint, ultra low latency market data, order entry and risk trading solutions for the global financial services industry. Headquartered in the UK with offices in Paris, Chicago and New York, Celoxica delivers trading solutions to automated trading firms, banks and brokers seeking to optimize the performance of their trading applications across multiple asset classes in all market conditions, whilst reducing their total cost of ownership.