Celoxica Launches Hardware-Accelerated In-Line Risk (AIR) Solution for Pre-Trade Risk Surveillance

Celoxica Launches Hardware-Accelerated In-Line Risk (AIR) Solution for Pre-Trade Risk Surveillance

New York, Nov 28, 2011 – Celoxica, a leading provider of hardware accelerated low-footprint, high-efficiency market data, order execution and risk management solutions for high-frequency traders, today announced the launch of its hardware-Accelerated In-Line Risk (AIR) management solution for brokers offering ultra-low latency sponsored access to U.S. markets.

Celoxica’s AIR pre-trade risk solution offers the full benefits of hardware-accelerated, low-footprint technology design while adding minimal latency for full compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Market Access Rule 15c3-5.

Commonly referred to as the “Naked Access” ban, Rule 15c3-5 requires U.S. brokers to conduct extensive pre-trade risk management and credit checks on all client orders executing on U.S. exchanges and alternative trading venues. The final deadline for compliance with the rule is Nov. 30, 2011.

Celoxica’s AIR solution ensures lowest possible latency on pre-trade risk checks through the use of an embedded co-processor in the client’s application server. This unique offering provides the lowest possible latency by eliminating unnecessary network hops required for cross-connect solutions. It also ensures full control for the sponsoring broker via the embedded FPGA.

“We’ve put a significant amount of research and development during the last year into building an ultra-low latency, hardware accelerated pre-trade risk management solution with the goal being to eliminate the latency impact of Rule 15c3-5,” said Lee Staines, President at Celoxica. “Celoxica AIR already provides excellent performance and throughput and we have a program of enhancements scheduled which will provide additional latency, footprint and throughput benefits. We are committed to ensuring that AIR remains the lowest-latency pre-trade risk solution on the market.”

About Celoxica

Celoxica is a leading provider of hardware accelerated low-footprint, ultra low latency market data, order entry and risk trading solutions for the global financial services industry. Headquartered in the UK with offices in Chicago and New York, Celoxica delivers trading solutions to automated trading firms, banks and brokers seeking to optimize the performance of their trading applications across multiple asset classes in all market conditions, whilst reducing their total cost of ownership.
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