Pre-trade Risk Management and DMA

Celoxica provides In-Line Risk Management and Order Execution Services for a range of Exchanges and trading venues across multiple asset classes. Used primarily by Brokers to support their latency-sensitive buy-side clients, and increasingly by buy-side Exchange members needing more robust Risk controls, the ‘MAG’ platform offers ultra-low latency execution with a surrounding operational management platform including a GUI front end, Drop Copy, and full monitoring services.

Accelerated Market Access and Execution

Celoxica provides Order Execution Services via a range of Exchange and trading venue gateways across multiple asset classes. Efficiency of execution is always of paramount importance, and Celoxica technology utilises varying techniques including session management, order balancing, FIX parsing, and binary protocol support, to ensure our Clients trade execution is optimised to gain the most effective order fill rates.

Ultra Low Latency Market Data

Celoxica provides Market Data Services via a range of Feed Handlers across multiple asset classes, with clients deploying to support multiple trading strategies. Performance determinism is always key, with Celoxica technology utilising varying techniques including instrument filtering, line arbitrage, and optimised book building to ensure Market Data is delivered consistently throughout all market conditions helping to maximise trading efficiency and returns.

Accelerated Trading Solutions

At Celoxica we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the trading community we serve which enables us to provide exceptional solutions and services to our clients. We deliver these services globally across three key elements of the systematic trading lifecycle – Market Data, Risk Management, and Order Execution – for the buy and sell side including Hedge Funds, Quantitative Traders, Banks, and Brokers. Our Client use cases, as outlined below, are examples of how we provide these solutions and managed services across three typical deployments.