Use Case 1: Ultra Low Latency services for algorithmic trading


Summary of features

Celoxica provides an ultra-low latency trading solution for buy-side Quant and Algo traders, requiring optimal footprint and latency profiles that best support their strategies. 

This ’embedded’ use case, shown above, ensures the trading lifecycle is optimised on a single server, with the following characteristics:

  • An FPGA-based feed handler resides on the same server as Client trading strategies

  • The feed handler consumes market data from one or multiple trading venues, and provides a normalised feed via a C++ API

  • When sending orders, Celoxica provides an accelerated exchange or venue gateway, again via a C++ API, to the relevant destination for execution

  • Full hosting, connectivity, and infrastructure for all colocation datacentres are provided globally, ensuring optimised tick-to-trade latency

  • Over 60 trading venues supported, across multiple asset classes

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Use Case 2: Broker Risk / DMA ‘Servicing the Buy-Side’


Summary of features

Celoxica provides ultra-low latency services for sell-side Brokers and their buy-side Clients, to optimise their algorithmic trading lifecycle, from Market Data receipt to Order Execution with In-Line Risk. 

This ‘Risk DMA’ use case combines Celoxica’s market data service with the Risk/DMA ‘MAG’ platform to optimise trading latency while ensuring all aspects of the trading cycle are monitored and managed: 

  • A feed handler ticker plant provides normalised market data to the buy-side trading firms in colocation across one or multiple trading venues.

  • When sending orders, Celoxica provides optimised access to the MAG platform for Risk Management prior to sending the buy-side client orders to the relevant exchange for execution

  • The executing Broker applies market-compliant Risk Controls whilst MAG ensures minimal latency impact for the buy-side client

  • Full-service support includes client onboarding and configuration, monitoring of order flow, testing and implementation of new releases, and latency reporting

  • A front-end GUI will provide all the monitoring functions for the broker with a drop copy feeding the necessary back-office system at the broker and for the buy-side client

  • Full hosting, connectivity, and infrastructure for all co-location datacentres can be provided globally, ensuring optimised tick-to-trade latency, with full Risk Controls for the executing Broker

  • Over 60 trading venues are supported across multiple asset classes and co-location datacentres

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Use Case 3: Buy-Side Trade Internalisation & Execution


Summary of features

Celoxica clients use the full Celoxica product suite to optimise internal flow and increase profitability across a fully managed trading stack:

  • Celoxica’s MAG platform is used to centralise and monitor the risk of all their portfolio managers, and then send those orders to multiple execution venues (exchanges, brokers, ATS).

  • This solution is integrated with an internal pricing engine, fed by Celoxica’s QDS feed handlers, to optimise execution internally, before sending to brokers or exchanges through Celoxica’s accelerated exchange gateways

  • The combination of Celoxica products, integrated with an internal pricing engine, enables our clients to fully optimise their flow, ensuring maximum profitability is realised on non-low latency flow, through effective routing via low-latency strategies

  • Full hosting, connectivity, and infrastructure for all co-location datacentres are provided, ensuring optimised trading flow latency between all service components, and cross datacentre where required

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