Client Use Cases

Celoxica is an emerging global leader in the provision of advanced trading technology to the financial markets and is uniquely positioned to leverage this technology to address the business challenges faced by firms needing to trade across multiple asset classes, and where performance and determinism are key.

Celoxica clients are typically trading firms who trade high frequency strategies, and Brokers who provide DMA services.

Celoxica’s solutions offer ultra-low latency processing capabilities for Market Data, Execution Gateways and Risk Management with a significantly reduced server footprint infrastructure and lower maintenance costs therefore significantly reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

A Client use case example has shown, via a migration from an existing software only solution to Celoxica’s Market Data platform, a 70% reduction in TCO. This resulted from the Client’s reduction in hardware, their required co location space and associated network related costs (i.e. port fees, switches etc).