As electronic trading, algorithmic trading and automated execution services continue to develop, the market participants have to deploy a very large and expensive infrastructure to remain competitive. The numbers of servers, and the data centre costs for electricity and cooling are significantly impacting the profitability of most trading firms, while the amount of data continues to grow exponentially.

Celoxica’s unique product offering utilises FPGAs – a type of programmable computer chip -on Network Interface Cards which offer high performance, efficient data processing capabilities both in terms of data throughput and latency (speed) but with very low power requirements and therefore reduced server and data centre footprint. These Celoxica cards can easily process millions of messages per second on a single card, with latencies of single digit micro seconds and client use cases have replaced large numbers of servers with a single card, significantly reducing the footprint and the operating cost.

Celoxica’s solutions address three main areas of the trading life cycle – Accelerated Market Data, Order Entry and In Line Risk Management.