Ultra Low Latency Market Data


Celoxica provides Hardware Accelerated Market Data Feed Handlers for the main Equity, Options, Futures, Fixed Income and FX Markets in both the US and Europe.

These Feed Handlers allow a Trading Firm to consume Market Data from one or multiple exchanges and/or asset classes into their trading strategy in two ways:

  • An ‘Embedded’ solution (the ‘GMAC’ product series) delivers the relevant Market Data directly into the memory space of the trading strategy. This option is utilised when trading strategies are located on a single server.
  • A ‘Distributed’ solution (the Celoxica Ticker Plant ‘CTP’) delivers a multicast data stream to subscribing applications which typically reside on multiple servers.

For both solutions, the data is decoded, normalised, filtered, and channeled in ways that allow trading strategies to receive the relevant data through a single API and with deterministic performance even during the most demanding market spikes.