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This use case combines all Celoxica products to optimise every trade processing component across a buy-side firm’s internalisation business model. Multiple Portfolio Managers send orders into Celoxica’s trading environment where decisions are made to either trade internally with their own internal algorithms, or send the orders directly to the relevant exchange for execution. Celoxica’s Feed Handlers, Execution Gateways, and Risk/DMA products are combined to provide a full-service offering in colocation, with ultra-low latency, stability, and compliance all delivered with exceptional global support and market coverage.

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Our buy and sell side clients can combine Celoxica’s products and services to deliver a unique, ultra-low latency trading platform from tick to trade. In this example, our buy-side clients utilise Celoxica’s feed handlers to consume normalised market data into their trading strategies and/or Algorithms, and then send their orders for execution via a Broker utilising Celoxica’s Risk Management and DMA platform ‘MAG’. Celoxica’s full-service offering ensures optimised trading across every element of the trading stack in a fully hosted environment and is available at all the main global trading exchanges.

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Our systematic trading clients are typically exchange members who care about latency, especially when markets are volatile. This deployment example, on a single server in colocation, ensures deterministic ultra-low latency both in the receipt of normalised market data to the trading strategy and in the sending of orders to the exchange or execution venue.

Accelerated Trading Solutions

At Celoxica we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the trading community we serve which enables us to provide exceptional solutions and services to our clients. We deliver these services globally across three key elements of the systematic trading lifecycle – Market Data, Risk Management, and Order Execution – for the buy and sell side including Hedge Funds, Quantitative Traders, Banks, and Brokers. Our Client use cases, as outlined below, are examples of how we provide these solutions and managed services across three typical deployments.