Our Products

Celoxica specialises in providing technology and products that optimise the trading life cycle. This includes Market Data Feed Handlers, Order Entry Gateways, and a Risk / DMA Execution platform. All products support multiple asset classes including Global Equities and Derivatives Exchanges and Execution Venues.

Page: Trading Risk Management and Execution

Celoxica provides an Execution Services platform for Trading Firms and Brokers to manage their Order flow. This platform provides a fully managed environment for receiving incoming orders from a client, internal PM/order flow, applies Pre-trade risk checks to those orders, and then executes qualified orders on the relevant Exchange/s or Execution Venues. This Market Access Gateway solution (‘MAG’) supports multiple asset classes and allows Celoxica clients to fully risk manage, pre-trade, the trading activity of their end customers while maintaining ultra-low latency performance irrespective of volume or market volatility. MAG has also been designed to easily integrate with our Client’s internal systems for risk, middle and back office with a full Drop Copy and GUI interface.

Page: Order Entry / Market Access

Celoxica provides a range of accelerated Order Entry Gateways to allow for efficient low latency order execution through a normalised API for Direct Market Access.

Page: Market Data Feed Handlers

Celoxica provides Accelerated Market Data Feed Handlers for the consumption of exchange market data through a normalised feed via a C++ API. Supporting many use cases to help optimise latency, server footprint, and overall trading efficiency and effectiveness, our Feed Handlers can be deployed to meet our Clients’ specific requirements and utilise FPGAs to ensure performance determinism through all market conditions.

Pre-trade Risk Management and DMA

Celoxica provides In-Line Risk Management and Order Execution Services for a range of Exchanges and trading venues across multiple asset classes. Used primarily by Brokers to support their latency-sensitive buy-side clients, and increasingly by buy-side Exchange members needing more robust Risk controls, the ‘MAG’ platform offers ultra-low latency execution with a surrounding operational management platform including a GUI front end, Drop Copy, and full monitoring services.

Accelerated Market Access and Execution

Celoxica provides Order Execution Services via a range of Exchange and trading venue gateways across multiple asset classes. Efficiency of execution is always of paramount importance, and Celoxica technology utilises varying techniques including session management, order balancing, FIX parsing, and binary protocol support, to ensure our Clients trade execution is optimised to gain the most effective order fill rates.