Use Case 1: Ultra Low Latency services for algorithmic trading

Celoxica provides an ultra-low latency trading solution for buy-side Quant and Algo traders, requiring optimal footprint and latency profiles that best support their strategies. 

This ’embedded’ use case, shown above, ensures the trading lifecycle is optimised on a single server, with the following characteristics:

  • An FPGA-based feed handler resides on the same server as Client trading strategies
  • The feed handler consumes market data from one or multiple trading venues, and provides a normalised feed via a C++ API
  • When sending orders, Celoxica provides an accelerated exchange or venue gateway, again via a C++ API, to the relevant destination for execution
  • Full hosting, connectivity, and infrastructure for all colocation datacentres are provided globally, ensuring optimised tick-to-trade latency
  • Over 60 trading venues supported, across multiple asset classes