Use Case 3: Buy-Side Trade Internalisation & Execution

Celoxica clients use the full Celoxica product suite to optimise internal flow and increase profitability across a fully managed trading stack: Celoxica’s MAG platform is used to centralise and monitor the risk of all their portfolio managers, and then send those orders to multiple execution venues (exchanges, brokers, ATS). This solution is integrated with an internal pricing engine, fed by Celoxica’s QDS feed handlers, to optimise execution internally, before sending to brokers or exchanges through Celoxica’s accelerated exchange gateways The combination of Celoxica products, integrated with an internal pricing engine, enables our clients to fully optimise their flow, ensuring maximum profitability is realised on non-low latency flow, through effective routing via low-latency strategies Full hosting, connectivity, and infrastructure for all co-location datacentres are provided, ensuring optimised trading flow latency between all service components, and cross datacentre where required

Use Case 2: Broker Risk / DMA ‘Servicing the Buy-Side’

Celoxica provides ultra-low latency services for sell-side Brokers and their buy-side Clients, to optimise their algorithmic trading lifecycle, from Market Data receipt to Order Execution with In-Line Risk.  This ‘Risk DMA’ use case combines Celoxica’s market data service with the Risk/DMA ‘MAG’ platform to optimise trading latency while ensuring all aspects of the trading cycle are monitored and managed:  A feed handler ticker plant provides normalised market data to the buy-side trading firms in colocation across one or multiple trading venues. When sending orders, Celoxica provides optimised access to the MAG platform for Risk Management prior to sending the buy-side client orders to the relevant exchange for execution The executing Broker applies market-compliant Risk Controls whilst MAG ensures minimal latency impact for the buy-side client Full-service support includes client onboarding and configuration, monitoring of order flow, testing and implementation of new releases, and latency reporting A front-end GUI will provide all the monitoring functions for the broker with a drop copy feeding the necessary back-office system at the broker and for the buy-side client Full hosting, connectivity, and infrastructure for all co-location datacentres can be provided globally, ensuring optimised tick-to-trade latency, with full Risk Controls for the executing Broker Over 60 trading venues are supported across multiple asset classes and co-location datacentres

Use Case 1: Ultra Low Latency services for algorithmic trading

Celoxica provides an ultra-low latency trading solution for buy-side Quant and Algo traders, requiring optimal footprint and latency profiles that best support their strategies.  This ’embedded’ use case, shown above, ensures the trading lifecycle is optimised on a single server, with the following characteristics: An FPGA-based feed handler resides on the same server as Client trading strategies The feed handler consumes market data from one or multiple trading venues, and provides a normalised feed via a C++ API When sending orders, Celoxica provides an accelerated exchange or venue gateway, again via a C++ API, to the relevant destination for execution Full hosting, connectivity, and infrastructure for all colocation datacentres are provided globally, ensuring optimised tick-to-trade latency Over 60 trading venues supported, across multiple asset classes

Client use case examples

This selection of use cases represents examples of how Celoxica’s products and services are deployed by our clients in production trading today…